Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween Cupcake Fabric

I created a fabric print featuring my Halloween cupcakes. It's an allover "scautter" print on grey and purple backgrounds. The fabric could make a fun apron, or could be used for any Halloween crafting/sewing project. Here it is on a grey background:

Halloween Cupcakes : Grey

And here is the print on a dark purple background:

Halloween Cupcakes : Purple

You can see this print by clicking on the pictures or by clicking here to go to my fabric shop. I also have this print on some products in my gift shoppe. Click the tab at the top or go here to check out the shoppe. More products will be added once I finish my next batch of Holiday cupcakes. I'm also working on another project, and will post artwork once some of it is scanned, and some completed digitally.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet Snark Shoppe is reopened!

The Sweet Snark Shoppe is back! I've added some more fun products and am still adding more to the store. Sorry for that minor hiccup. I learned my lesson concerning fun online gif contests, bandwidth, and photo storage sites. There shouldn't be any more image problems, so please check out the shoppe. Oh, and eat a cupcake while you browse.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was doing research on POD (print on demand) companies, and discovered Lollypins. Lollypins is a company based in Toronto that makes 1" buttons/pins featuring art and designs by artists. I have some of my designs available there, and will be adding more designs soon. Check out my stuff and all the awesome art buttons there! My cupcakes are here and the main page for Lollypins is here.

Have fun browsing! Please check out my fabric blog for my newest contest entry!

Shoppe is temporarily down

The Sweet Snark Shoppe is temporarily down due to image issues. I'm adding more fun products and organizing the store in the meantime. It should be back up in a couple of days. I will write a post when everything is fixed.

I'm going to devote more time to this blog when I can catch a break from designing fabric. I have some marker illustrations that I need to digitize, and plan on doing that soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gift shop is up!

In my typical fashion of overcomplicating things, the gift shop for my illustrations was delayed due to the facts that I didn't really know how I wanted it to look and I was trying to do something that apparently shouldn't be done. (Typical).

It coordinates with this blog a little bit, and features products with images shown here. I will be making true categories as I do more illustrations and create more products. Right now, there are stickers, magnets, aprons, kid's t-shirts, dog clothing, and tote bags that can be used for trick or treating featuring my Halloween cupcakes. There are also some products with my "Evil Cupcake," and I will be adding products with the rest of the evil sweets gang soon.

You can get to the shop by clicking the "Gift Shop" tab at the top or clicking here to go to the Sweet Snark Shoppe! I might add some more products for Halloween soon, but am not exactly sure what products people would want to buy besides the ones I already have in my store. Maybe ornaments? Please check out my brand new shop(pe), eat a cupcake, and enjoy a snarky site!

Also, there is a Twitter button to the right where you can follow me as I send updates about this blog and my fabric blog. I'm @modgeekbykg on Twitter.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

Here are all the Halloween cupcakes. There is a vampire, witch, Frankenstein's monster, ghost, werewolf, and pumpkin.

I am debating about separating each cupcake and doing individual illustrations like I did with the ghost. I did one with the witch cupcake, but am not sure if I like it or not. I have made a fabric print with these cupcakes, and am creating products with these fun illustrations in my soon to be opened online shop. I am working on the look of the shop and hope to have it figured out soon so some fun Halloween products will be available for purchase.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Halloween Cupcake: Ghost

I grew up watching Scooby-Doo, am fascinated by (real) haunted houses, and love mystery novels, sweets (obviously), dressing up in fun costumes, and fun parties. I also LOVE the Haunted Mansion ride. So, naturally, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to it every year for the excuse of watching fun and spooky movies and show specials, eating great food, and dressing up in something fun. Seeing kids dressed up in fun/adorable/scary/funny costumes also makes me smile.

I drew a set of six Halloween characters as cupcakes for some unknown (but awesome) reason. I've learned not to question my thought process as of late. Here is my first Halloween cupcake with a border.

I did not originally do borders with the cupcakes when I drew them, but decided to separate them and add a coordinating border. I have another one done, but am not sure about the background color, so it's technically still in progress. I will post it once I get the color squared away. All my illustrations will be available as prints to purchase on deviantART. You can go here to see the ghost cupcake print, or click on the deviantART tab at the top to go to my deviantART profile.

I am currently working on getting an online shop set up for my sweet/cupcake illustrations. I hope to have it up within the next week, and will feature it in a post when it's ready. Until then, I will be working on the shop, illustrations, and fabric designs with my favorite spooky shows and movies on for background noise.
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